Change is Good

By Jim Rogers, Editor

While the guy next door dreams during the break between Christmas and New Year’s, because that is what Publishers do – dream. I clear out last year’s unwanted baggage, excessive files, old calendars, and begin organizing files and calendars to be the new baggage for the New Year — that’s what editors do.

Much of the old news was regurgitated in last week’s “2021 from the pages of The Winnsboro News.” What wasn’t has been sorted. That which is worth keeping is in its proper place. That which is not worth keeping is in File 13.

Not only is The Winnsboro News planning for just another year, we are planning for long term service to our community. With new ownership comes questions about that future beyond just the next year. This news source endured changes during 2021 that made COVID seem like a second concern.

As I recently reviewed every edition of 2021, I noted changes in editor, staff, and style that gave an uneasy feeling for readers who were seeking the stability necessary to trust the source. For a variety of reasons 2021 was a time of change in Winnsboro. The stability found in certain sources has enabled the community to maintain a level of life that promises a future.

The stability of spiritual leadership of churches and pastors in the community has ensured stable ministry and service provided to the community. The spiritual strength of a community is vital and is one of the front lines of hope and promise that ensure a steady future. A faith that has a firm foundation is key to life and the length of service for pastors in this community along with a few key additions provides that strength of knowing the kindnesses of God exhibited through faithful leaders.

The stability of success in Winnsboro ISD has also provided a source of stability. Led by Superintendent Dave Wilcox, WISD is not only dreaming of but planning for an educational program that enables a student to become a well rounded adult. From college preparation to technological training to extracurricular activities, success in sports, band, UIL Academics, and a variety of special interest sports unique to some schools are found here such as rodeo, fishing, and wrestling. These all add to the choices for study and participation that create diversity of positive experiences.

The stability of the Winnsboro Center for the Arts also provides a unique cultural atmosphere for Winnsboro that is not often found in a community of this size.

The Winnsboro News has introduced new ownership and new names to the printed pages that inform this community but this newspaper now rests in the stable and experienced hands of the new owners and staff. The names in the staff box are not going anywhere soon. The locally owned and operated newspaper will be here to inform, entertain, and educate this community for years to come. Yet, there are a few new additions to be found in how we will serve.

The new frontpage masthead includes the Keyhole as does the Page 2 staff box. Using your smartphone app to check in from time to time as new and additional features will be added. You will also find the Keyhole in selected stories and articles. The Keyhole will be your video and audio window that is being added to the printed page.

A new website is announced in the masthead of today’s edition. The site, will be updated each week with news stories that matter and our Facebook page, The Winnsboro News, will continue to include sports and news as well. Few are as skilled in sports photography as Sports Editor Shiela Haynes. To better serve you, additional newsstand locations are being added increasing the availability of the newspaper in the area. The future for The Winnsboro News could not be more stable and we are committed to you, our readers, to bring you the information you need to know your community and to participate in its life.

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