New Owners Acquire The Winnsboro News

Chuck and Nancy Roy

By Jim Rogers, Editor

   As the New Year begins with a fresh outlook on the future, so does the look, feel, and intent of The Winnsboro News. On November 1, 2021 a new ownership group purchased this newspaper. Over the past two months, plans have been put in place and implementation of those plans is now shaping 2022 and the future of this publication.

   The history and heritage of The Winnsboro News is not overlooked, displaced, or disregarded. In fact, the history and heritage are respected and honored. A marker, placed by the Winnsboro Preservation League, stands at the front of the building. That marker summarizes the legacy of The News. Winnsboro’s first newspaper, The Sentinel, was established in 1878. The name was changed to The Messenger in 1889. When The News and The Messenger merged in 1908, The Winnsboro Weekly News was founded. The Weekly News acquired the Winnsboro Wide-Awake in 1912 and the Free Press in 1914. In 1943, Grayford Jones purchased the newspaper from Homer and Mae Weir and the name was changed to The Winnsboro News. In 1985, Tom and Karen Wheeler Pendergast purchased the paper.

   A new sign will be commissioned to extend the line of succession to include the new owners, Chuck and Nancy Roy. While they prefer to be called “shepherds” rather than owners, their core values will honor those that came before them as well as provide their wholesome vision for the future of this touchstone business of Winnsboro.

   Prior to the purchase of The Winnsboro News, a skeleton crew kept the newspaper alive. The local community can be thankful for the hard work of those who worked long and tiring hours to keep the paper functioning. They continued to work with the new ownership creating a smooth transition and enabling a more trustworthy continuance of local news coverage.

   As we enter 2022, The Community Chronicle has completed the purchase of The Winnsboro News. The Chronicle, founded in 2016, is also owned by Chuck and Nancy Roy and is a well-received monthly publication that has provided news and feature commentary for an 11-county area. With the purchase of The Winnsboro News, the publisher now moves into a more locally focused coverage while maintaining the recognized positive approach of The Community Chronicle.

   Changes are inevitable but so are improvements, innovations, and implementations. In this edition we showcase our new banner and staff box. Both honor the privilege of transparency and professionalism, while maintaining a familiar community-centric focus.

   We have also included space in this edition introducing the new team of professionals that will help us carry the banner forward. Each one of them is what we call “a heavy lifter.” Their education, experience, and dedication to their profession is noteworthy for a much larger enterprise but they have decided to make Winnsboro their home of choice. We are privileged to have them join us in this endeavor.

   More pages, more writers, more diversity and new technology are excellent examples of how the new management team approaches the new year. But we are fortunate to have the broad shoulders of our forefathers to stand on as we reach for new relevance in our community.    We prefer to be recognized not as The New Winnsboro News, but rather, Your Winnsboro News.

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