On Shaky Ground


by Chuck Roy

Nancy and I were at Liefie’s last week for a meeting with two of our featured writers with The Winnsboro News. Having a meal at Liefie is always a treat for us and these two hours there were no exception. However, during our time with our associates, one of them shared with us what he believed to be a joke.

He said, “News outlets in Beijing are reporting that the US Olympic Bobsledding team has named their sled ‘BIDEN,’ because nothing has ever brought America downhill quicker.”

Maybe a little funny and I acknowledged the humor, of course. But there is not much funny about the reality of the statement. Has our President been the actor in a comedy of errors of his own making? Or is he more like the puppet in a ventriloquist’s routine?

Personally, I don’t know, and, more personally, I don’t care. I am not a politician, nor a neophyte judge. I prefer to view a situation by its results and impact on our community. Personalities are for the covers of books and bobble-head newscasters and are as ephemeral as the expiration date on a container of milk.

Maybe because my roots are in the shallow terra firma of Louisiana where the native Indians used to celebrate the feast of “Chalo Nitka,” which, among other things, means ‘trembling or shaky ground.’ With the water table in some parts of Louisiana barely 6” under the soil, I have appreciated Chalo Nitka first hand while deer or duck hunting in the swamps during my younger days.

Politics in Louisiana is the essence of shaky ground. Consider the swamp-czars and rapscallions of Louisiana memory with the likes of Governors Edwards, McKeithen, Long, and an accurately compiled list of 71 state politicians who were prosecuted for fudging their expense accounts to cases of outright theft as well as extortion and racketeering. There are so many elected criminals that Louisiana residents seem to revel in their state’s reputation for crooked politicians.

However, there is certainly no shortage of elected officials who have been convicted of crimes related to their public office. There is a laundry list of similar actors in the archives of every state in the Union. And, make no mistake, Texas is right up there with the likes of Illinois, California, and New York.

So, are all politicians corrupt? Is Biden a criminal, or a puppet, or too senile to administer the demands of the leader of the free world? As I said above, I don’t care. But I do care, a lot, for their actions as they impact our quality of life here in Winnsboro, and Northeast Texas.

I do care if our children are marched into a foolish war; I do care if our senior citizens and veterans are left to fend for themselves; and I care if our economy mimics that of a third world country.

Actually, I care a lot about the things that are common to our hometown, just as I am sure that you do as well. And that is why I am asking every citizen qualified to vote to do so in the coming weeks. Vote your conscience, but vote. Only you can put us on solid ground. And, by the way, just in case you didn’t know, there are 206 known swamps in Biden’s home state of Pennsylvania.