The Mount Vernon News

By Chuck Roy

Mount Vernon is one of the charming Northeast Texas cities that residents and tourists love. And, honestly, what’s not to love?

Mt. Vernon has good places to eat, comfortable accommodations for a stay, good schools and churches, good arts and entertainment venues, excellent outdoor activities and in general, a good place to conduct business, raise a family, and worship our Creator.

But what Mt. Vernon does not have is a good newspaper. The city has unwillingly joined the roughly 1300 other communities nationally that are considered news desserts.  A news desert refers to a community that is no longer covered by a daily newspaper.

Soon, we will be cancelling Mt. Vernon’s membership in the news dessert association. Mt. Vernon deserves its own newspaper, named for the city and its people. The Mount Vernon News will be a weekly newsprint where you can read of the good folks doing good things and where a Merit Scholar or an Eagle Scout, or a state championship, is front page news.

This city had been served, since 1874, by The Optic-Herald until health and business concerns precipitated its closure last summer. Understandably, the owners could no longer carry the burden of a 150-year old weekly newspaper and all of the resources demanded as well as the blood, sweat and tears that accompany the production of a robust community newsprint.

As a Mt. Vernon resident, you probably know that a vibrant community needs both a good Chamber of Commerce and a good newspaper to be the standard bearers for the city. These two organizations are Cheerleaders and Shepard’s for the community. They represent, promote, and champion their communities to all who will lend an ear.

I probably should have started with; Hello, I am Chuck Roy. My wife, Nancy, and I own and operate both The Community Chronicle and The Winnsboro News. These publications present a very different style of community journalism where we do not lead with blood, guts, scandal, or doom and gloom sensationalism on which many of our competitors have hung their hats. If you desire bad news, turn the TV on, or seek your smart phone. If you want to know of our children, our citizens and churches, or our veterans and seniors, our businesses and our culture you will want to read our products.

Our foundations are firmly planted in the virtues that unite us as Texans and as Americans – our unwavering belief in God, Country and Family. We will not apologize for supporting the precepts of our Founding Fathers when they signed that declaration all those years ago.

We will be bringing our experience, resources, and expertise to The Mt. Vernon News along with hand-picked local talent who have the skills to share the stories of the city. We will also be bringing a team of “heavy lifters” who are similarly focused on the Mount Vernon area but who may also have national and statewide credentials to present.

Our charter is to make the core values of Honor, Courage, Commitment, and Service actionable words. We lead by example and follow with the will power that makes us Participants and not just Observers.

The Mount Vernon News is expected to be born on, or about, May 5, 2022 and we are as excited as a pair of first time grandparents.

In the coming weeks, we will be sending out birth announcements and asking for your support in this adventure. Subscriptions are just $40 per year and our advertising rates represent the most reasonable investment you can make for your business or your hometown.

So while we are still decorating the nursery, please call or write us with your suggestions and comments for a better product. It will take the village to make this endeavor a child of Mt. Vernon. Finally, we cannot do this without you. Your voice is important; your support is critical, your participation is valued, and your confidence is appreciated and will be earned.