Patriot Sporting Challenge Gears Up for 2022

Patriot Sporting Challenge

By Chuck Roy

We are privileged to live in America and we are blessed to live in Texas. Almost sounds like a bumper sticker until one realizes that it is as true here, in NETx, as God’s own word.

And as outdoorsmen, we have the opportunity to see this land in its purest form. From the breathtaking glow of an early morning sunrise to the gorgeous rays at the vespers of the day, from reveille to taps, we witness the beautiful landscape that our men and women in uniform have vowed to defend and protect.

We are so truly blessed to live in the land of the free. Blessings are never to be taken for granted and while mostly freely offered, they have occasionally demanded the greatest price. Blessings are never expected, but should be gratefully and penitently acknowledged.

Our heroes in uniform stand guard; they man a post or a duty station in distant and often hostile places. They honor their oath and maintain a never blinking vigil on the most basic precepts of our Founding Fathers’ dreams – Freedom.

They bear witness to the best premise of man and his core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment. But, they also reflect the priorities of the American people, to be ever mindful of God, Country, and Family.

It is, therefore, our combined mission and patriotic duty to support their sacrifice and dedication to their core values. All who appreciate our heritage will acknowledge that freedom is never free; it has been bought and paid for by countless boots that will not come home the same, or whole, or for some – at all.

The Patriot Sporting Challenge is an organization of volunteers. None receive any compensation. We are a gathering of ordinary people who collectively dream of a day when all of our heroes can come home to enjoy what they have worked incessantly to provide for others.

A competition of fishing, shooting, and golfing. A competition of fair play with teams of gifted amateurs and a focus on a pure and noble cause – The Folds of Honor.

Lake Fork, The Links at Land’s End, The Texas Gun Ranch, and The Folds of Honor was a natural pairing – “like peas and carrots, with rice and gravy”, someone once said. A plan to bring together the finest resources and facilities became a passion.

Top executives gathered to hear the napkin-talk and they were convinced this was an important project. A Board of Directors was formed and elected a leader of experience and character. In less than 5 months, guns were clean, boats were fueled, and golf clubs were polished. The First Patriot Sporting Challenge got underway and it was a success beyond what any of us had reason to expect.

On April 9 the 2022 edition of the Lake Fork Challenge will again take to the lake and the links to honor our military families by honoring the legacy of their sacrifice. More of the current LFC can be found on their website, or you may contact a PSC representative at 817-296-8985. And if I sound like a proud papa, it is because I am. I am proud to be an American, a veteran, a Texan, and a member of the Patriot Sporting Challenge. I would also be proud for you to join us.