Publisher’s Op-Ed

Small Town

By Chuck Roy

This week I became frustrated with Winnsboro being called a nice small town. Sorry, I don’t think of Winnsboro as a small town. The description is too many times derogatory, unfair, and untrue.

Winnsboro has so much going for it. I have many times referred to Winnsboro as a pearl in the necklace of NETexas. And I mean it, as plainly demonstrated that I have sold my cattle, chickens, goats, sheep, house, and farm land to move here.

Probably, like many of you, Nancy and I are defensive of our little slice of heaven.

The actual metrics –

  • Big City: 300,000+ people within city limits
  • City: 100,000-300,000 citizens within limits
  • Small City: 20,000-100,000 citizens within limits
  • Big Town: 7,000-20,000 citizens within limits
  • Town: 800-7,000 citizens within limits
  • Small Town: 200-800 citizens within limits
  • Village: 50-200 citizens within limits

A small town generally is community possessing a post office and not much else. And I am not playing with semantics with you, I am much more focused on the negativity that follows the term “small town.” When used as an adjective, small town melds well with –Politics, –mindset, –bias, and so on.