What’s Your Jam?

Each of us needs something in life that is meaningful; something from which we derive a fulfilling sense of joy. Spend some time and think about what makes you happy, what you enjoy doing, and what you aspire to add that would enhance your existence. It may be complex but is more likely something simple. We all need those little pops of joy here and there, and we would all benefit from turning it into a lifestyle of delight.

My faith and my family are at the forefront of what is meaningful to me. I try to be mindful of the ministry God has called me to and I seek ways to expand that. If you know anything about me, you know I am rarely seen in public without a camera in my hand and I find great fulfillment in taking and sharing pics of our local kiddos doing their thing. My sweet friend Don Beaty once referred to it as my “camera ministry.” It is my jam.

Some people enjoy reading. Maybe they read classic novels, biographies, popular fiction, or maybe something far from the mainstream. Some take it a step further and join a book club where they can have discussions, while others parlay their love of books into self-publishing their own writings.

Many people enjoy athletic endeavors. Maybe they play on an organized sports team or maybe they like to run or cycle solo on one of our beautiful county roads. Maybe they just go to the gym and enjoy fellowship with the healthy lifestyle crew.

A lot of people enjoy trekking into culinary realms. They find a recipe, assemble the ingredients, and give it a go. It may be as simple as a grilled cheese sandwich or as complicated as a souffle. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. But the journey is just as important as the outcome.

A great many find joy in music. Some enjoy the relaxation of listening to their favorite tunes, while others may play an instrument or sing. Endless aspects exist with music as a focal point.

Others love art. They love to create art, they love to look at art, they might even like to own pieces of art. Like music, endless avenues of enjoyment are available to all.

I do have a point here. We have a treasure in our midst and not enough of us are taking advantage of it. The Winnsboro Center for the Arts on Market Street is a portal for artistic expression.

Who doesn’t wish they could paint with watercolors, learn an instrument, or simply enjoy an entertaining evening out without leaving town? All those things and so much more are available at the WCA.

Painting lessons are offered in a variety of mediums. Cost to participants is kept low and scholarships are often available.

Other arts and crafts workshops are offered regularly. Upcoming classes include calligraphy, mosaics, and crafty ornaments.

Summer camps for students are currently in the registration phase. Again, costs are kept low, and scholarships are available.

Rotating exhibits draw those interested in viewing artwork. A juried high school competition is wrapping up April 18 but will be followed by another exhibit and another.

The WCA brings in gifted musicians for concert performances on a regular basis. The variety is tremendous and includes seasoned performers as well as up-and-coming acts.

Renaissance Under the Stars gathered more than 200 attendees for a special evening with an internationally renowned performer Mairead Nesbitt. She is so well known, even Saturday Night Live based a skit on her performing style.

The annual Winnsboro Art & Wine Festival brought 5000 people to town in November. Those visitors ate in our restaurants and made purchases in our stores and shops. We all benefit from those tax dollars that come in through tourism.

The work of the WCA is supported almost entirely by private donations supplemented by grants from foundations and other art-supporting entities. If you haven’t had a look at the WCA recently or if you have never noticed it at all, it may be worth a glance. You might just find your new jam.