We’re Moving!

We’re Moving!

Yep, it’s true, we are moving The Winnsboro News from its home of more than 40 years to a more modern and comfortable location.

The current building is simply an unsustainable space that really does not fit our more streamlined and efficient model.

Back when the 12-ton Goss Community Press was still running, when manual typewriters created copy, when Kodak 135 film photographs were developed and processed by hand, and the pages were constructed with glue and scissors, The Winnsboro News facility at 105 Locust Street was ideal.

Not so much so anymore. The almost 11,000 square feet is not ideal for a modern newspaper where almost 100% of our work is accomplished by computers.

Digital photography, digital presses, and high speed communications are now the tools of the trade in a modern newspaper operation. Since we own three newspapers, efficiency, and cost-effective solutions are the keys to longer term sustainability. Many of our sister newspapers have already redirected their operations to digital and those who did not, are mostly no longer in operation.

We want to continue the heritage of our forefathers and provide our communities the very best that a modern newspaper has to offer. We are not yet doing that, but we are learning, growing and moving to accomplish our short- as well as longer-term goals.

In order for us to accomplish this move, we will not be publishing an edition of The Winnsboro News or The Mount Vernon News, on June 30.  We will resume for the July 7 edition.

We will share additional information in next week’s pages.

Chuck Roy, Publisher