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Keeping Rover from Roaming

By Jim Rogers, Editor Tuesday, January 18, 2022 may be easily overlooked as the community rushes out of a holiday and into the everyday of life. However, the day may serve as a key moment in creating good neighbors and a better life for outdoor dogs. The Safe Outdoor Dogs Act (Senate Bill 5) went...


Birth of a Social Conscience

By Jim Rogers, Editor My social conscience was born when I was nine years old. Although I did not identify it as that at the time, the effect of a morning in the Fall of 1960 has stayed in my memory all these years. It was the second week of school and new English grammar...


Change is Good

By Jim Rogers, Editor While the guy next door dreams during the break between Christmas and New Year’s, because that is what Publishers do – dream. I clear out last year’s unwanted baggage, excessive files, old calendars, and begin organizing files and calendars to be the new baggage for the New Year — that’s what...

Chuck and Nancy Roy

New Owners Acquire The Winnsboro News

By Jim Rogers, Editor    As the New Year begins with a fresh outlook on the future, so does the look, feel, and intent of The Winnsboro News. On November 1, 2021 a new ownership group purchased this newspaper. Over the past two months, plans have been put in place and implementation of those plans...


Municipalities have Guidelines

By Jim Rogers, Editor, The Winnsboro News Kudos to Winnsboro Mayor Andrea Newsome for her statement during the most recent city council meeting (see related story on page 5). Mayor Newsome stated that the city will cooperate with the Texas Environmental Quality Commission and the Texas Air Quality Control Commission as they deal with a...


Integrity and Trustworthiness

Jim Rogers, Editor of The Winnsboro News Rumor mills, secret meetings, and gossip generate an environment of unrest and distrust, especially in small towns. Add to those age-old culprits of discontent the use of social media and text messages and you find a perfect environment for discord. Often, the motivation for such nonsense are accusations...


Technology Classes and Local Industry

For any community to sustain economic viability, education and jobs are a priority for those elected and those employed to lead the community. The trust given to those who sit on the city council, the school board, the Economic Development board, and those who lead both city and schools must weigh their personal goals against...


Preserving the Past, Securing the Future

By Jim Rogers, Editor His college portable typewriter and carbon ribbons sit idle now. Bill Jones’ daughter Kathy will rest from her constant search to locate needed ribbons for him after he insisted his writing was more creative on the ancient “hunt and peck” machine. His desk at The Winnsboro News goes unmanned. Yet, Mr....