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MLK Day Celebrates Legacy with Parade and Park Day

A four block long parade began the celebration of Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in Winnsboro. The 10:30 a.m. parade began in the parking lot of First Baptist Church and followed Elm Street to MLK park where guests were welcomed by speeches by pastors, city leadership,  and a chili lunch. A voter registration table was also made available at...

Chuck and Nancy Roy

New Owners Acquire The Winnsboro News

By Jim Rogers, Editor    As the New Year begins with a fresh outlook on the future, so does the look, feel, and intent of The Winnsboro News. On November 1, 2021 a new ownership group purchased this newspaper. Over the past two months, plans have been put in place and implementation of those plans is now shaping 2022 and...

Perez and Sorrosa

Perez Moves On But His Influence Remains

Ricardo Sells By Jim Rogers, Editor, The Winnsboro News When Ricardo Perez opened Richie’s Grill & Cafe in 2006, he established rules and principles that would guide the future for employees and patrons. Perez said his foundation principles for his business interests are God and family. Now, Perez is stepping away from ownership of the local restaurant.Perez wanted to sell...

Solar Field Adds to WCEC Power Base

Solar Field Adds to WCEC Power Base

AS WCEC provides members with reliable and affordable electric power, they are also addressing demand for renewable power production sources where practical and possible. Utilizing solar to generate electric power, 156 Wood County Electric Cooperative (WCEC) members have grid-tied solar units ranging from about 36 kilowatt (kW) units down to 1.5 kW. Now, a new solar field located six miles...